Thursday, June 24, 2010


so today i had a big ol' chunk o' time put aside from a guy coming from Switzerland. He didn't show, and it was kinda bittersweet coz the piece i designed for him was really nice, and i'm really gutted i didn't get to tattoo it. so anyone interested in birds, peonies and a pagoda piece GET IN TOUCH! i really wanna do it, and i'll give ya a good deal!

the sweet side meant i had like over 3 hours to catch up on some design work, commission paintings that i'm SUPER LATE WITH (apologies) and i got another background layout for my website done. we got a walk in along with an exsisting booking, so i didnt get as much done as i'd hoped, but i sure did do a lot.

so i aint got no pics to post (don't wanna post everything for my website or it won't be exciting when it's up and running, right?!)

so ladies and gentlemen, i give to you an awesome painting Jill left for Ross and myself. i had to crop the image slightly coz it's wider than my scanner, but y'all get the idea. THANKS JILL!

to see more of her work CLICK HERE!

in other news i went on a mad barrette making binge on wednesday at the studio while ross was getting interviewed for Time Out magazine..... behold......

i don't stock them at the shop anymore, but i still make them to order, so anyone want some, lemme know. (half of these have a new home already i'm afraid)

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