Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ocean Park! *we made it y'all!*

Chose a sucky day to go on, it was FULL of mainland tourists (public holidays this week for the dragon boat festival). we never know when there's a public holiday til it's too late! it was good though, it was me,old ross, jill, brad, richard and new ross.

anyways, here's some pics of the day....

the pandas were out in force, and actually super close to the glass.... so i got some pretty sweet photos (lucky for me the majority of other visitors were really really short, so no heads in the way)

ross went on his first ever rollercoaster ride.... but took it like a man (10 points for effort). richard on the other hand..... not so much....(10 points for amusement factor)

i think this was Ross' favorite ride. awesome.

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