Thursday, June 3, 2010

what i dun today.... innit

so today i got to do a sweet lil piece at the end of the day. i was starting to think i'd never get a real blogworthy tattoo ever again. i tell ya, it's been cover up after fix up after lil script and tribal and just..... was starting to drive me INSANE!

so here's what i finished up a few hours ago. (it's tiny, it's like palm sized)

had to stay back and draw tomorrows 1/2 sleeve design which should be a nice piece too, and ..... sunday i got a pretty cool piece also! things are looking up i tell ya!

ross stayed back and did the screen printing for the casette he's releasing soon. so the studio kinda looks like a print shop on his side right now, we coulda used a drying rack!

anyways, it's late, and i still got one more design to sketch out for a customer super keen to see it before he appointment...... but i think i'll be doing that one at home in front of the TV.

til next time y'all!

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