Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you can afford to be eccentric then surely you can afford to buy a personality

so, like i said earlier, we went to songs for children's 1st birthday party, where the awesome Cats on Fire played, along with the awesome Milk Teeth (probably one of my favorite bands in HK.)

It was a good night but i do try and steer clear from gigs like this because, well..... there's always far too many indie arty farty arsehole scenesters. i cant be doing with them to be honest. trust me, i've tried, but half of them have the narrowest sense of musical knowledge that i'd rather talk to a windowlicker. i've also come to realise that most of them (MOST not ALL) have absolutely no personality and seem to think that dressing like a twat is enough to get you through life. it's not.

anyways, all in all it was a good night, here's some photos....

1st up, cats on fire.....

the ever awesome milk teeth... i was kinda disappointed joey wore shoes the whole night!

best balloon ever. blended in nicely with the crowd to be honest....

anyways, day off today and ross is at band practice right now. he's playing BC unplugged tomorrow at the Wanch and i think it's gonna be pretty good so y'all should come on down! that's right, live fast die! acoustic..... be there or be square!

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