Monday, June 7, 2010

ill...... scarlett....

so outta the blue the blokes from ill scarlett... the band i saw the other night came by the studio. i fit one of them in for a quick tattoo.... didnt take a photo, but this is what he got..... (the drummer seems to have drawn a lot of the album artwork and a few tattoos for the band)

i don't mind doing stuff like this, but i have to admit it is kinda weird trying to tattoo shitty lines after so long workin on clean ones! anyways, happy customer = happy whatever. we went for a few drinks after work but the band had clearly had a few (A LOT) before us, so we all ended the night pretty sharpish..... as they gotsta fly outta here in a few hours.

anyways, here's a picture of them looking nothing like they looked like today! bless'em!

i especially liked how the bassist just decided to take scissors to his jeans after getting tattooed to make shorts..... ahhh if only life was always that simple! anyways, all in all, really nice guys,m and a good band, so check 'em out y'all!

so yeah, that's what i did today among other things..... OCEAN PARK ON WEDNESDAY so awesomeness coming soon!

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