Sunday, June 6, 2010

straight from the horses mouth!

so here's a super fun one shot i did today.... was kinda worried we wouldn't get it finished, boy did she struggle.... BUT WE MADE IT!

it was near on impossible to get a good picture of this, so much glare.... (it's upper middle back squeezed between some kanji and a tin tin tattoo) when i say tin tin i mean the tattooer, not the cartoon character!
also it looks a little distorted, the pole especially but i think her head was down when i took this which pulled the top a bit askew. anyways, she said she'd come in when it heals so hopefully a better pic soon!

i found the creepiest photo while looking for reference for this piece.... check this out!

by the way, the gig last night was pretty awesome, a bunch of Canadian bands played, and it was a real eclectic mix. we missed a few that everyone said were awesome but did manage to catch flash lightnin and ill scarlett so check their links if y'all are interested.

anyways, it's been another long day so gonna head off, maybe catch a movie..... we'll see.....

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