Tuesday, June 1, 2010

top banana

so i had a free hour or so at work today and finally managed to persuade ross to get a top banana tattoo. i've been wanting to do one for a while now......so that's definately an itch that is FINALLY scratched! i did take photos, but they are on the camera at work.... so you'll just have to take my word for it. maybe i'll take one with my camera here (home) after he's washed it (it's still wrapped and gooey, kinda looks like banoffee pie at the moment).... nice.

anyways, tomorrow.... wednesday..... day of rest. we were gonna go to ocean park but the weather forecast says it'll be raining again tomorrow, and maybe thunder n lightning. now.... i'm no weather expert, or even good at physics, but something tells me lightning + rollercoasters = real life rain check. so tomorrow it's a photo day around town with jill and then we are going to what may possibly be the best restaurant ever.... unlike tonights!

anyways speaking of photos, the photos from my holga mysteriously vanished off the roll of film i put in for developing, and the people in the shop weren't too helpful, so i'm pretty pissed about that. i'll be taking my film elsewhere from now on, and hopefully get a roll or 2 developed tomorrow. in the mean time, i need to tell y'all about the crazy awesome life improving application jill got on her iphone today. it's fucking sweet, and i've never been interested in iphones, never really wanted one, but this is just so cool. you get to choose what "film" u use and what "filters" and all this other mumbo jumbo and basically just get awesome photos. i'm thinking that app + those little jelly lenses u can get = probably the best photos in the world. (sorry, i hate carlsberg i don't know why i felt the need to do that).

anyways, here's a photo Jill took of me doing the top banana (it was a sucky spot up by his armpit. horrible skin.... it was like tattooing a rubber chicken). she took other cool pics but i am trying to stop ripping her photos off her facebook (sorry Jill!)

*edit* while i was blogging ross washed off his pie arm, so i got a pic with our shittier than the one at work camera..... sorry it's a little outta focus but my camera was about to run outta batteries so this is the best i got!

**double edit** here's a better pic, taken at work.....

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