Tuesday, June 8, 2010

shop stock stacking up!

quick post about some of our stock.... for those of y'all that haven't been in for a while.

we got some old, some new..... here's some of our newer acquisitions for y'all to feat your eyes on.....

we are now stocking the fantabulous murrays pomade and a range of their t shirts too! (we also sell layrite pomade for all you greasers, and awesome little folding pocket knife combs!)

we now have a large range of lucky 13 apparel, work shirts, t shirts, long sleeve popper shirts and also some felon clothing...

and some pretty sweet liquorbrand t shirts too.....

on top of all this we still have some zero, rebel 8 (girls), vince ray, kreepsville 666 and a few star crossed t shirts left in large sizes.

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