Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas come early!

So, managed to get lots of goodies recently, all very exciting. 
1stly, new shoes! Me n Ross found a shop in TST stocking TUK, Anarchic and other goodies, so we both placed an order, which should be arriving in the next few weeks. We also just placed a huge order from Lucky 13, as we have some friends over here opening as rockabilly inspired clothing store, so new threads, new shoes....what else? Oh, yeah, i managed to get a friend to grab me a signed copy of Joe Capobianco's new book, coz he's in London this week doing a signing at Lal Hardy's New Wave Tattoo Studio. Exciting! Check out Joe's work HERE and Lal's shop HERE!

Hmmmm....what else is new? Oh, that skull book i mentioned has gone to press, and will be featuring the skull from the t shirt design i did. (can't remember....check it out here)I will post a link to the book once it's released, which should be in about 2 weeks.
WOW, how many links can i fit into one blog, right?!

Oh, and last but not least, i just got the 2008 Snakepit book. I've kinda gotten obsessed with Snakepit, managed to read 3 years worth of his life in a few weeks. check out his books here!
He does a 3 part comic strip for each day, it's awesome. You'll either love it or hate it.... i definately love it, and am super excited to have the next installment!
i've left the camera at home, so i'm desperately trying to think of a pic i can post..... so this will have to do!

We found out Roni Size doesn't start playing til 2am.....bah. I have a super long day tomorrow too. Here starts a downward spiral folks....right here.

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