Sunday, November 1, 2009

the night after the night before....

So super speeeeedy post about last night...and tonight. Firstly, i wanna thank everyone who came to the zombie party last night, it was a real success, and we made enough to cover the Bembol Rockers flights, their hotel rooms etc etc, and we managed to pay the bar (those "free drinks" were'nt really free ya see!)so once again THANK Y"ALL! For anyone who didn't quite get enough of them, they are the special guest house band at Ned Kelly's tonight, so rock on down. They will be playing from half nine til the hours of the morning. (don't forget to bring your dancing shoes)
Ross had to go do another radio interview today, so he took the camera, hence why no pics on this post, but i will post pics from last night and tonight either later tonight/tomorrow.... so be patient. OK i gotta go meet the band, and depending on traffic swing by the studio to do some quick drawing for tomorrows pieces. (doing a nice owl tomorrow on a guys ribs).....lovely jubbly!

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