Thursday, November 5, 2009

samurai jack

was really looking forward to this piece, it had a really awesome straw moustache, which client decided had to go. i was gonna colour it really nicely, which client decided had to be changed, (i got given a 3 colour limit, which made me cry inside) then it turned into work. meh. thought i'd post it anyways.... 

anyways, the guy sat well for his first tattoo, (in between the many many many breaks, think i got thru a pack o' fags during this one!) anyways, he was happy which means i was happy, so we're all happy! (although i think mr samurai here misses his rockstar 'tache!

anyways, tomorrow i'm tattooing my big brother, and i've never complained when he's my customer..... he's well behaved! (and has awesome skin.........)

also booked in 2 nice pieces today, so things are looking up! :)

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