Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the walk in's on the bus go round and round....

Today, i had the entire day put aside for a mammoth piece (not like wooly mammoth, like humungazoid gigantic ) but, alas, she had a family emergency and didn't come. So, i was not best pleased about the fact i had absolutely nothing booked in.....all day. But i did get to do 2 lil' fun n easy walk in's, so that's what u'r getting today! i did also managed to finish a painting, but i aint got the photo uploaded yet, so that'll have to wait til tomorrow (which happens to be my day off, and even though i have managed to catch the 1st cold of the winter *a rare and illustrious little thing that looks like a fairy on crack under a microscope i've been told* i am determined not to waste my day off tomorrow....if i make it outta bed.)

ok, so 1st little walk in was these teeny weeny swallows....

seeing as i still can't figure out why none of my pics come up big when clicked on....here's a close up, of quite possibly one of the smallest birds i ever did tattoo!

(oh the irony, this pic comes up larger...... but the other 2 don't ........ BAH!)

and next was this ... love pieces like this, 5 mins doodling with a sharpie and ur good to go! nice n easy...

oh, and in other news, ross got to do some hand picking this week, check it out on his blog (which he never updates) HERE!
alrighty then, til tomorrow y'all!

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