Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November spawned a monster

So, super long day at work, I even managed to get away right on time, but it was....tiring. did a nice piece on a girl's ribs, she sure did struggle, and with a LOT of sprays of bactine, she just about made it through. I couldn't get a good photo for the life of me, this is the best i got, so it will just have to do! (oh, and there's a lil cover up action in there too!)

Anyways, tomorrow (thank god) is my day off, i was really looking forward to a punk rock race course night of booze n hooves, but it got postponed til next week, so more on that then!

So came straight home coz ross was cooking dinner, chicken n veg in a black pepper sauce. it was really good but just way too spicy for me, so ross cleaned up (my bowl....i did the dishes) while milo tried his luck!

Oh, the temperature has finally dropped enough for...... a hat! almost wore a cardigan on the roof, but it aint quite that cold....yet!

It aint even 2 am and i'm DONE! so now time for a relaxing night watching Cops and hopefully....some horror film ross bought for me starring Rosanna Arquette as a psychic..... haven't seein it in weeks, so that might be a no-go!

Not sure what i will do with my day off tomorrow now.... got a lil' drawing to do, but other than that.... i just do not know. i'll find something to do i'm sure!

Thurs i'm doing a samurai mask on a guy, and fri got my bro booked in, so hopefully some nice pics in the works!....til then!

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