Tuesday, November 24, 2009


hmmm.... where do i start? I guess i better start where i left off.....Roni Size, eh? Wow, what can i say? I just don't get it.... I'd rather listen to the songs he mixed....without the mixing. Yup. There's nothing nice about feeling the pulse of a room when it feels like the rooms having a heart attack, and nothing keeps u more sober than 70 dollar beers (all the people pilling off their faces musn't have minded.... which is why there was never a que at the bar!). Fuck that! (ross thought it was great.... yes i'm talking bout the music AND the fact i went home sober)

Anyways, we did get to see Simon's band (who i tattooed recently....simon, not the whole band!), Violent jokes support, and they were really good. Been a long time since i saw them, so was well worth the small fortune i spent on beer. (Simon's the one who got us in for free so i guess it kinda evened out the "free" with the wallet rape at the bar!) 

There were some very interesting people at the .....can u call it a "gig"?! 1stly, i saw a .....can i call it a "woman"? sporting a WHITE SCRUNCHIE! i thought they were striclty reserved for russian gymnasts, but i must be wrong. 

i also spotted these pants (no that's not camera glare.....that's mysterious stainage) oooh, if u look behind her to the left (our left) u can also see the very stylish bum bag/fanny pack the white scrunchie wearer was sporting.... yup.

This is the only picture of Roni Size i'm posting. aint it great?!

Luckily i had Debra to keep me company, and also be my team partner in the "is it a guy or a gal game". good times. (and that wasn't your fault.....the legs lied!)

Anyways, since then it's been all go at work, been getting home at 3am most days, so not blogged, but i haven't had much to blog about. I can't remember the last tattoo i got to do with some free reign over the design, maybe the nerd-core piece? or the Japanese toys?or my brothers coi...i dunno. don't get me wrong, it's mainly custom work i do, at least it's not all flash day in day out, but there's always so many demands as to how it should look, and which way it needs this...and that....in this particular order.......and BAH! Anyways, in much more important news..... we found milo some non-retarded clothing for the winter! So happy! so cute........... we got 2 lil' sweaters, the other one's dogtooth, really nice! and a little hoodie. HOORAY!

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