Friday, November 20, 2009

I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so....

Long day at work today. Long story behind it too.... i'll give y'all the short version! Basically, i had a customer come to me with an unfinished (outlines only) 1/2 sleeve. I told him i didn't wanna finish it, but he was very persuasive, and as he's relocated to Hong Kong, he cannot go back to the original artist for a very very long time. I was still kinda umming and ahhing, and "i don't touch other people's work"..... etc etc. initially, i figured the only way i would be ok finishing it, is if i got in contact with the guy/girl who started it, and asked if they'd mind. So i did. 

So I'm like "who started it for ya?" and he's like, "Chris O Donnell." and in my head I'm going "oh for god's sake, you can't be serious, is this a joke?! there's no way..... BAH!" Chris O Donnell is a little bit of a tattoo god, and i was even more uncomfortable bout finishing it! But I messaged Chris, and he was a super sweet, super nice, awesome guy! So i reluctantly booked the guy in. Today was the day. We only got the background done, and that was 4 hours alone, he's booked in again for the 2nd session 3 weeks from now. If all goes well we'll get it finished then, and maybe one quick touch up afterwards. We'll see. Anyways, here's a very small sneak peak at the piece,

terrible pic, but i didn't try too hard after all I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE DESIGN WHATSOEVER....NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! (i'm just the monkey colouring it in) CHECK OUT CHRIS O DONNELL'S BLOG HERE! AND HIS WEBSITE  HERE!
Finished up about 11pm and went out to dinner with Ross. We found this pretty awesome new Chinese restaurant (a chinese restaurant, in china.... yeah really). Food was good, which for me, means it was awesome coz i'm so fussy. It's up on Knutsford Terrace, TST. Go check it out! (it's in between like, 4 Italian restaurants, you can't miss it!

The only downer about diner was the crazy old German couple who seemed tpo be trying to smoke us out...... God knows how they are still alive. I mean i smoke, but they were.... maybe embalmed. i dunno. 

I also totally forgot to blog about a little gem i found in Inn's Point (toy mall) in Mong Kok. I found the cutest little shop that sells handmade bags. Really awesome handmade bags at very reasonable prices. (the bag above is my latest buy, it's Alice in Wonderland material. Really cute!) check their website out HERE!

OK, so seeing as i can't really blog about the tattoo i did today (the other 2 i did was a touch up and an add-on, so ....) Unfortunately (for anyone who is already sick to death of me talkin bout Morrissey, i sketched out another piece to go into the mix. Haven't coloured it, and it's in my watercolour hater sketchbook, so..... maybe i'll prismacolour this one!

Tomorrow we got guest list to Roni Size, so Ross will be having fun, and i'll be lost til i find the bar! 

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