Wednesday, November 4, 2009

day off opposites

So today was a day off, other than the teeny tiniest bit of drawing, it was a total nothing to to day. started off with the best intentions of going to stanley market after a conversation last night which made me realize it's been far far too long since i've been to Smugglers, but alas, ross spent a good few hours on the laptop, and by the time he was ready to, it was just too late to be trecking from literally one side of hong kong (not the island....i'm including outlying islands and other territories......) see, we live in sai kung, which is probably the equivalent of the antithesis of Hong Kong in general...

ok, so after those plans failed miserably.... i decided to change the colour of my hair, (mainly coz all my winter clothes just don't go with bright red hair, partly coz i miss.... when i say miss...i mean i lay in bed remembering those good ol' times when i could wear pink (i'm the most anal person when it comes to colours, and i cannot... CANNOT wear red n pink together, it's wrong. ALWAYS..... well unless u have a maroon/burgandy and a very very baby pink..... but .... that's a book i'm not planning on writing right now) and to top it off, after going to my local coffee shop and seeing all the warm christmas decorations, i felt like i needed winter hair to avoid , well, looking like Rudolf's spare nose.

So, i dunno if y'all know this (or care), but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a reliable, reasonable hairdressers in HK, especially one who can colour....well.

so i tried a new place as always, (honestly, since i moved back 5 yrs ago, i havent been happy with my hair cut or colour once!)....hence the haircut i gave myself or as ross calls it the massacre in my bathroom which lasted me a good month.... so i figured after the cut i gave myself....they just had to kinda follow the guidelines i laid out. the problem was....the red. 

Red is such a hard colour to bleach out, i've been the so many times, and for some reason, it never puts me off going back, kinda like that terrible restaurant u always end up at coz it's safe and cheap but everytime you go, you ask yourself "why"..... ya know?!

so, i wanted a rich chesnut brown (it came out kinda burgandy coz of the red underneath....and i wanted the blondest of blonde highlighted chunks at the front.
after 4 tries with the bleach, i ended up with this weird silver pink, wich is actually a pretty awesome colour, but even though i told them like, A MILLION times JUST AT THE FRONT they only put the highlights a row behind the front, so even though it's a weird but wonderful colour, ya cant see it, even when i have my quiff...well, if i kinda spread it out u can just about make out a few changes in colour..... but still....... 

you really cant get the idea of what colour it is... but u can tell how much red still shows under the brown, i'll try and get a pic in daylight tomorrow. 

It feels so good to be wearing pink again. i do love pink. and i love this cardigan (i do love cardigans!)....this one i ordered online a good 6 years ago and it's still in good nick! from afar it looks like an old 50's embroidered flowery beauty, but it's actually little embroidered skulls n crossbones. cute me thinks.... the hairdresser ended up taking 4 hrs, so i didnt get home til half eleven, but that didnt matter coz we had yet ANOTHER mexican BBQ! and this one was even better than the last.

a huge jug of margarita and chillano cervezas (get a nice ol' cerveza, squeeze the juice from a lime into a glass, salt the rim, and add lots of ice.... it's soooooo good.) 

anyways, this blog was gonna include cute videos of the dogs but the sleepy train has arrived and my stop is soon me thinks.

 some crappy film (the only redeeming feature is the fact that James Marsters is in it!) just started which ross wants to watch about "uranium based insectoids".... if it was black n white and old, i think it would rule, but this looks like some lame student crap, and i'm not feeling it..... at all! we'll see, if i manage to stay awake.....

wow, i cant believe how much i just rambled about complete toss, and i apologize!

oh, one more thing, for all y'all navy coming back in november and february, we have some trouble sending out replies to a lot of ur e mails, so do not think we are ignoring you! maybe try our myspace if all else fails.

ok i'm done. cheerio!

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