Tuesday, November 10, 2009

friday the 13th

so, got no plans? in hong kong..... well.....good thing Ross sorted this lil shindig out!

"So, 1st there was Halloween....... now there is FRIDAY THE 13th, THE HORROR CONTINUES! (ok, so there is no horror this time!)
Punk Rock party @ Rockschool, including SUSHI ROBOT playing a PUNK/D+B set!
Ross & Steve (LIVE FAST DIE/Defiant Scum) will be DJ'ing some punk + ska between bands & @the end until the early hours!

Sushi Robot (D+B Punk set!)
Six Pack of Wolves
Oi! Squad
Defiant Scum (hopefully!)

DJ Steve K (eclectic punk rock)
DJ Ross SC (ska/rocksteady/skinhead)

$50 entry will include a free beer!"

be there! 
(i will be leaving work early, so anyone coming for a consultation, hold ur horses, i'm also off sat, so make ur horses wait some more maybe take the scenic route....)

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