Sunday, November 15, 2009

It'll be a cold day in hell....

...the day Ross gets a Morrissey tattoo, and maybe today was just the tip of the iceberg! Yesterday i sketched this piece out, and had enough time at work to line it all. 

Not sure if I'm gonna colour it, or even use it with the Morrissey flash I'm working on.... coz *drum roll*.... Ross actually likes it so much, he wants it tattooed. Cold day in hell indeed, which seems fitting as today seems to be the official beginning of winter here....finally!

Winter means Milo has to start wearing sweaters ... and before long jackets... he hates clothes, especially jackets. This year, there seem to be no normal dog clothes just weird bumble bee outfits and other humiliating stuff. The closest we found were a grey sweater with "DOG" emblazoned on the back.

 (i know he's small and all....but it doesn't take a genius to figure out I'm walking a dog)

... and a little sailor top which needs tailoring coz it's so long he'll pee all over the inside! yup, i have to get my chihuahua's clothes tailored now! (when i say "tailored, i mean I'm taking them to the curtain shop in town) i need to learn to sew....

In other news, ...dum dum DUUUUM! i got a phone. I hate phones, i especially hate speaking to people on the phone. If i sound rude/angry/agitated on the phone, it's because I AM! But i couldn't not buy this phone. IT'S A!

Took the photos in a bar, so they ain't great but u get the picture!
I know it's Paul Frank, but.... i couldn't help it, it's a monkey phone....c'mon y'all!

And there's a lil' chihuahua (among other creatures, like a rockin' raccoon, a chicken dressed as a geisha, and a weird little vampire bat!) on the Menu!

Been listening to a lot of Eddie Bond today, and was gonna post "look like a monkey" by him but then i found this,
which i guess is what that song his was based on...

so thought I'd post this instead...

If u r reading my facebook RSS blog, check it out HERE!
Proves how awesome monkeys are and how retarded people are...
(he doesn't wanna wear the fucking hat)i hope he grew up to maim that guy.

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