Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't fire without checking the magazine!

So , (i just realised how many posts i start with "so"....) Hmmmm

Yesterday i got an awesome surprise in the letter box patiently sitting there, waiting.... it was none other than the latest issue of "Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine", with a little article on me! I'm super excited, this is the 1st international feature I've had. (Flash Ink magazine doesn't count in my eyes, coz it's from a stone's throw away in Singapore!)

Here's some pics....

The Cover....(i can't figure out why these aren't coming up bigger when clicked on, they are really large files.... anyone have any advise?! i never used to have this problem til recently....)
2 sweet as a nut tattoos on 1 page....classy! I'm always surprised to see which pics magazines choose to use, this one definitely seems to favor turquoise! (i spotted that donut piece in a couple of tattoo mags in England when i was last over too)

And it even has a link to none other than my blog! Right here! (unless u r reading this on my facebook feed or alivenotdead page...!)

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