Monday, November 30, 2009

High-school dropouts don't go to reunions

So, Saturday night Ross and i decided to go and surprise Tom for his Birthday! Tom and me went to the same 6th form college, which was basically a last resort for kids who'd been expelled/dropped out from other schools. We didn't really know each other then, and i vaguely remember meeting him on the day when i went back to collect all my artwork....but other than that..... i'm a blank! Anyways, a few years ago, none other than the guy i went to school with rocks up at my studio, gets work done..... and our friendship kinda started there! it took a few months for us to realize we had already met a good 5 years ago. 

So, Tom lives in Macau, and i wouldn't normally go to a whole nother country to surprise a friend, but Macau aint far, and it's always nic to see an unfamiliar skyline.

 The night started off at Tom's bar, Rascals where we sent most of the night watching him play with his balls....

Then we went off the the "hole in the wall" for more drinks.....and ended up in" Cubic" with a private table reserved. I'll never get used to these clubs that u need to take escalators into. Anyways, Tom was still playing with his balls.....

And here's Tom drinking his *$2000* champagne.

 I'm sure it was nice, but i was already too drunk, and i can't remember what 2000 bucks tastes like.

Cubic was full of the kind of people i hate, and quite possibly the shiniest place i've ever been.....

Anyways, we missed the 3am ferry so hung about til the 5am ferry.... i ended up getting travel sick from standing on a i'm sure u can imagine the state i was in on the ferry back.

ok, that's one blog caught up on..... and i'm gonna add some bonus pics to the end of this too! Ross went to the cupcakery today, and brought 2 boxes back with him. even the one that looks like turd tasted good! i love that place!

And last night, we went for another 11:30pm dinner after a long day at work (i finally got a proper blog worthy tattoo pic, but need to join the pics on photoshop, so will post that later!).
We went back to the Chinese restaurant on Knutsford, and on the way, in the window of Ice Fire, i spotted these..... very ugly squirrels. it just me, or do their left legs.... kinda look like..... a stubby sinewy winkle? that's just some bad design right there..... yup!

OK, i will hopefully blog the tattoo i did yesterday in an hour or 2... it's a good-un! It's the one piece i've been looking forward to since it got booked in a month or so ago! more on that later!

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