Monday, November 9, 2009


So, i just haven't had much to post about recently....not since i tattooed my brother...which also coincided with an interview for an online journalist, so i cant say too much, coz i said i'd link to her piece when it comes out.... so zzzzzp. (that's the noise that me zipping up my big fat gob makes)...
I guess posting the pic of Dave's tattoo can't hurt though, right? 

so here it is. it was way smaller than i thought we were gonna do it, tucked up under his arm, but came out nice and he sat well. I aint got diddly squat booked in anytime soon (that i can think of) that i'm gonna be blogging bout, so i will warn you now, if nothing interesting happens, and i don't get any painting done, it's gonna be a whole lotta new shoes pics.....and new necklace....

ooh, almost forgot, looks like 3 out of 5 guest artists to be can't make it, Daveee from Kult in Poland can't come, but he will be in Singapore in Jan for anyone interested.

Also, Lee and Rich from One shot charlie's are now moving shops next year, so money allowances are limited. BOO :(

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