Thursday, November 26, 2009

you can dress a pig in pearls, but it'll still smell of shit.

Yesterday was my day off. God, i wish i got 2 of these a week! I could get so much done, but alas, one it is, and i chose to spend this one exploring Kwun Tong.... just because! We started off in the APM shopping centre, which ...... took me aback with their.... tasteful decorations.....!

Anyway, once my retinas had recovered, we had a wander about. Not much stuff worth buying (which worked out well, coz i'm trying not to spend too much cash right now...coz i've gotta pay for all this stuff i ordered recently!) anyways, this shop was kinda cool, if they had one for chihuahuas, i'da bought loadsa crap i'm sure!

These seats stole my heart a little! Comfortable, probably not.... Efficient, nope.... but cute, yep! I'd have one in my living room. Unfortunately they were very securely stuck to the floor.

I also kinda loved this book, but didn't buy it, coz once u seen one page of grinning fish, you've seen em all!

Oh, i did buy this, and i have decided that every kitchen needs one. It turns sandwich's into pockets, then u can grill them and stuff and have toasties or just have very very tidy looking sarnies! awesome..... we had baked beans and cheese toasted sandwich's for dinner.......

I also bought this weird game, it's kinda half pictionary, half charades..... i'll blog bout it as soon as i get some teams round to challenge me! (maybe me n ross will just have to be "teams" but that kinda defies the point.....) i think another mexican BBQ is in order.....
The whole mall was pretty much filled with horrible tacky overpriced crap. don't get me wrong, i like a bit of tacky, but this was..... tack-a-go-go...... too too much AND SO $$$EXPENSIVE!$$$
Anyways, after getting some food at the food court which was really gross and inedible, we wandered across to "Bonds fun city" (it's not really fun or a city.....)
we played a shoot em up til i ran outta change.

So that's what i got up to short.

Today, did 3 pieces, i'm only gonna blog one though, so savour may be a while til i post anything else tattoo wise..... although i mighta filled a last minute appointment mover with a cool lil' piece, so we'll see..... he hasn't paid a deposit, so may be a big fat no go.

Nice easy going customer, visiting from Scotland. She had a cupcake rib piece, and i started foaming at the mouth thinking about how much fun it would be to do a cupcake the size of my hand. one day..... maybe......

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